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Our company has been engaged in the design, production and installation of the assembly line industry since 1998. Has a mature supporting system, a wealth of design capabilities, standard processing equipment, professional installation team. Specifically tailored to customers in line with customer demand for production lines. After years of efforts, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and customer resources.
The main pipeline types are as follows:
Assembly line:
Two, roller assembly line:
Three, belt line:
Four, plate chain pipeline:
Five, car assembly line:
Six, drying line:
Seven, suspension assembly line:
Automation equipment
Automatic tin feeder
Automatic locking (playing) screw machine
Automatic soldering machine
Automatic dispensing machine
Automatic labeling machine
Automatic printing machine
Parallel loader
Lead-free reflow soldering
Lead-free wave soldering
Selective wave soldering
High speed mounter
Multifunctional mounter



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